Weekend Reading: Calculator, SaaS Metrics, and System Shock

March 9, 2019 • #

💻 Open Sourcing Windows Calculator

Seems silly, but this kind of thing is great for the open source movement. There’s still an enormous amount of tech out there built at big companies that creates little competitive or legal risk by being open. Non-core tools and libraries (meaning not core to the business differentiation) are perfect candidates to be open to the community. Check it on GitHub.

📊 The Metrics Every SaaS Company Should Be Tracking

An Inside Intercom interview with investor David Skok, the king of SaaS metric measurement. His blog has some of the best reference material for measuring your SaaS performance on the things that matter. This deck goes through many of the most important figures and techniques like CAC:LTV, negative churn, and cohort analysis.

🎮 Shockolate — System Shock Open Source

A cross-platform port of one of the all-time great PC games, System Shock1. I don’t play many games anymore, but when I get the itch, I only seem to be attracted to the classics.

  1. Astute readers and System Shock fans will recognize a certain AI computer in this website’s favicon. 

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