The Bacteria Light of the Future

July 25, 2019 • #

A French startup company called Glowee is working on being able to produce light using bioluminescence:

Glowee reinvents light production with technology nature has already created to make lighting more sustainable and healthier for both humans and the environment. Having identified the genetic coding that creates bioluminescence, Glowee inserts this code into common, non-toxic, and non-pathogenic bacteria to produce clean, safe, synthetic bioluminescence. Once engineered and grown, the bacteria are encapsulated into a transparent shell, alongside a medium composed of the nutrients they need to live and make light. This lighting solution can indefinitely and exponentially grow with little infrastructure needed and does not require any extraction of natural resources.

Because of the relatively low output of these biological sources of light, they want to focus first on nighttime lighting for things like street furniture and nighttime street lighting. But it’s a clever idea to how we could engineer energy sources with alternative fueling methods than electricity.

Imagine having to “feed” the lights in your house instead of simply paying a generation facility for watts delivered through wires.

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