Weekend Reading: Landgrid, Quantified Self, and Tesla Teardown

February 22, 2020 • #

🏘 Landgrid

This is a product from Loveland Technologies, with a cohesive dataset of parcel boundaries provided as an API for application builders.

More on their parcel data and how they do it here.

🤳🏽 My Quantified Self Setup

My goal tracking efforts pale in comparison to what Julian Lehr is doing. I might give a try to Airtable for mine, also. I’ve been in Google Sheets since mine’s pretty basic, but AT might make it more mobile-friendly for editing.

🚗 Tesla teardown finds electronics 6 years ahead of Toyota and VW

What stands out most is Tesla’s integrated central control unit, or “full self-driving computer.” Also known as Hardware 3, this little piece of tech is the company’s biggest weapon in the burgeoning EV market. It could end the auto industry supply chain as we know it.

One stunned engineer from a major Japanese automaker examined the computer and declared, “We cannot do it.”

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