June 2, 2020 • #

Over the years with my RSS subscriptions I’ve gradually unsubscribed from a lot of “institutional” or corporate blogs and feeds in favor of individuals I’ve found with interesting websites and things to say.

In the early days of blogging it was common to have a “blogroll” in the sidebar to link to friends, colleagues, and your favorite sites, with a focus on other blogs rather than just your favorite websites or products. So I created one with my favorite internet destinations, with all flavors of topics I’m interested in.

I want more people to have their own websites and do their own writing about whatever they’re interested in. More people should get away from Medium blogs, Twitter feeds (though those of course serve a purpose, just not for everything), and other short-form, shallow media. The open web should get bigger, but it’s been getting smaller. I support the open web and want more people to publish.

Topics:   personal   internet