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Ian Inbound

September 26, 2022 • #

As of this weekend, Hurricane Ian is in the Caribbean with a projected track that puts it making landfall this week on the western coast of Florida, not far from where we are. Looks like we’ll be spending some time getting the house prepared for the storm. Doesn’t look like there’ll be an evacuation for us.

Weekend Reading: Blot, Hand-Drawn Visualizations, and Megafire Detection

November 9, 2019 • #


Blot is a super-minimal open source blogging system based on plain text files in a folder. It supports markdown, Word docs, images, and HTML — just drag the files into the folder and it generates web pages. I love simple tools like this.

🖋 Handcrafted Visualization: Precision

An interesting post from Robert Simmon from Planet. These examples of visualizations and graphics of physical phenomena (maps, cloud diagrams, drawings of insects, planetary motion charts) were all hand-drawn, in an era where specialized photography and sensing weren’t always options.