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My Analog Journal’s Jazz from Japan

May 9, 2022 • #

This is a new genre for me, but one I’ve gone deep on in the past week: Japanese jazz and soul. Like always with YouTube, the rabbit hole is deep (and rewarding!).

This guy is a YouTube DJ that picks a genre and a geography, and digs crates., or does so virtually. He has a video on his process.

Weekend Reading: Universe Sandbox, Mapping Math, and Japanese Companies

February 15, 2020 • #

🌌 Universe Sandbox

This is a physics simulator that replicates the physics of interstellar objects. You can simulate massive planetary collisions or supernovae in the Earth’s solar system, in case you want to see what would happen.

🧮 The Map of Mathematics

A neat catalog “map” of mathematics, with visualizations of things like prime numbers, symmetry, calculus, and more. Quanta Magazine does fantastic work.

🇯🇵 Why So Many of the World’s Oldest Companies are in Japan