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December 25, 2019 • #

The Setup

Another hectic (but fun-filled) Christmas in the books — 3 Christmases in 3 locations. We just got home from the marathon 18-hour day of family visiting, eating, and gift-opening. This time around Everett is super into unwrapping, so it was hard to keep him away from the piles before we were getting started. Both kids made out like bandits. Now we just have to create some space for all the new goodies.


December 25, 2018 • #

The calm before the storm The calm before the storm

Christmas this year held some serious excitement for us and the little ones. Not only did we have the typical multi-family extravaganza, but we even stretched it into Christmas Eve.

Busch Gardens Christmas

We did a trip to Busch Gardens for their Christmas event. Both kids had a blast from about 3 to close — saw Santa, rode the train, saw animals, rode some other small kid’s rides, and played til they passed out on the playground area. As...

24 Days of QGIS

December 23, 2018 • #

Each year GIS developer and cartographer Nyall Dawson puts together a thread of daily tweets leading up to Christmas, each with a helpful tip for QGIS. You can see all of them at the hashtag #24daysofqgis.

Here are a few of my favorites: